Since I am new to this blog so I will just introduced myself.

Hello guys!! The name is Lyla (not my real name but I like using this name) I love reading, singing, watching anime (yes,I am an otaku girl which I am proud of) Really ❤ White hair guy characters in anime, pic, manga or manhua and other things as long they’re handsome…heheheh😄
I started to love yaoi since in elementary school when i accidentally click one in youtube and that was Junjou romantica. My first yaoi series. At first it was weird but once you watch them until the end you started to love it. I’m a yaoivirus in my school so that there’ll be a lot of yaoi fans. Since we are few yaoi fan girls like 5 or 4, so I’m a closet yaoi fan. I don’t want my parents to find out about this but to bad my father just suddenly grab my phone to find my uncle #. To my horror I was reading a yaoi that time and it was at *ahem*. I look at my father smiling cheeckily (if that is the right spell) but inside I am so nervous and afraid. My father confiscate it and said It was not the time for me to read such thing.😒
So its hard being a closet yaoi fan 😥 Anyway I hope we can get along with each other and no scammer plz or karma will happen 2 you 👊👊

That’s all Ta ta~